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Actifirm 15% Z-Peel 30ml
  • Actifirm 15% Z-Peel 30ml
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Actifirm 15% Z-Peel

Actifirm 15% Z-Peel is the original all-natural exfoliator. This product is suitable for everyday use. Actifirm 15% Z-Peel is suitable for all skin types. Bringing back a youthful glow to your skin can be as simple as dedicating a few minutes daily to exfoliation and hydration. Actifirm 15% Z-Peel, unlike other exfoliators and micro-beads, sloughs away dead skin cells gently. Actifirm 15% Z-Peel is effective in treating uneven skin tones and textures. As skin ages, the natural exfoliation process slows. Actifirm 15% Z-Peel mimics the skin’s natural exfoliation enzymes found in the epidermis. Actifirm 15% Z-Peel is the product you need to preserve the youthfulness of your skin.

Actifirm 15% Z-Peel combines the exfoliating enzyme from a Japanese mushroom, Mucor Miehei (whose enzymes act as natural exfoliators) plus other botanicals to beautify your skin. Actifirm 15% Z-Peel is comprised of a carefully balanced combination of extracted oils from Lavender (to calm the skin), Coriander and Roman Chamomile flowers (which calms and soothes skin and has anti-inflammatory properties). Together these ingredients combine to work synergistically to gently exfoliate your skin, refining your Skin Architect

 Use of Actifirm 15% Z-Peel will even skin tone and texture. Actifirm 15% Z-Peel will help increase firmness and elasticity. Actifirm 15% Z-Peel will provide hydration and moisturize the skin. Actifirm 15% Z-Peel is wonderful as it reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles as well. Actifirm 15% Z-Peel will quickly brighten the skin thus leaving a smoother feel and an optimal surface for makeup application.  Skin will look and feel luminous and glowing.

 Actifirm 15% Z-Peel was created by Actifirm, a company with over 20-years of experience in the development of naturally inspired skin care products.  The company’s product lines were developed by scientists, doctors and skin experts who specialize in the science of skincare. Actifirm products are recommended and used by many dermatologists and skin care professionals.