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Tips for Choosing Acne Cleansers

There are many myths surrounding acne, many of which revolve around eating habits or personal hygiene. Those who believe in these myths – especially about it occurring because of poor skin cleansing, can actually make acne worse with frequent washing or vigorous scrubbing. It’s important to note that the development of acne occurs underneath the skin – and simple skin care cleansing can reduce number of breakouts you experience. Acne cleansers and kits make it easy for you to clean and nourish skin with easy to use products.

The first step to finding a suitable acne cleanser is to narrow down the choices by formula. Cleansers come in liquid or bar form, foaming and non-foaming. Your skin type will help you make a decision – if you have oily skin, a foaming formula works best because ingredients help remove excess oil, but if your skin is already on the drier side, a creamy formula is ideal because it cleanses deep within the pores without stripping away natural moisture from your skin. Bar cleansers can be drying for some skin types, though there are some brands that offer gentle cleaning and infuse moisture into the skin. Look for important ingredients in the acne products – words like salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide are essential in treating acne breakouts. Salicylic acid works to remove the buildup of dead cells on your skin, as they mix with sebum in the hair follicle to create blackheads and pimples. Benzoyl peroxide helps prevent the development of bacteria on the skin, reducing the chance for acne.

Choosing the ideal acne cleanser also means selecting the right formula for your body. Since acne doesn’t just affect skin on the face, you need to find a product that works on your body, if that’s where you are experiencing breakouts. Medicated body washes are ideal for sloughing away dead skin and treating acne prone areas on the chest and back. Always use the formula the way it is intended, as body wash products are too harsh for delicate facial skin.

Acne kits are a great option when managing your skin. These kits, which you can easily find in at, feature multiple products to help you prevent, treat and maintain healthy skin. Many acne kits come with an acne cleanser or exfoliator, which contains important ingredients like salicylic acid to remove dead skin cells before they create breakouts. These cleansers often contain microbeads, which gently exfoliate to leave behind healthy, smooth skin.

Another important component of an acne kit is a lotion that contains benzoyl peroxide. The lotion hydrates skin to keep it from drying out after using salicylic acid, and the formula diminishes bacteria in the skin that causes flare-ups. Acne treatment creams are often a part of the kits, too. These creams allow you to spot treat pimples with higher strength ingredients. These treatment creams are ideal to use when you experience a pimple and you want to quickly reduce swelling and redness -- and it comes in compact containers to use on the go. When using a kit, it’s important that you use all of the components of the kit as directed. The system works together, making it easy for you to cleanse and treat skin before you see breakouts.

The products you choose are often a matter of preference, as they usually contain the same quantity of ingredients. Expensive products contain plant extracts or essential oils, so if you prefer to treat acne with more natural ingredients, they might be a great option for you.