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How Mineral Makeup Fights Aging Skin

One of the common causes of aging skin is the sun. Sunlight leads to dry, sagging skin and the appearance of wrinkles. It is important to protect your skin, but you don’t need just sunscreens to protect your skin. Mineral makeup offers a large dose of sun-protecting agents like zinc oxide and titanium dioxide in their formulas.

One ingredient tostay away in mineral makeup is bismuth oxychloride. This substance is used in mineral makeup formulas to enhance the glow of the skin, but bismuth oxychloride has also been shown to irritate skin, and it can make some existing skin conditions worse. If you have sensitive skin or a chronic skin condition, avoid mineral makeup that lists this ingredient.

Recommended Mineral Makeup and Mineral Cosmetic Lines

Not all mineral makeup companies are created equal. It is very important to look for companies that use only natural ingredients, void of artificial dyes, perfumes, or preservatives. Choose mineral makeup that has added vitamins, antioxidants, and green tea extract for better skin care.

Ageless Derma Mineral Makeupis healthy for your skin and made in the United States. It is made of all natural, top quality ingredients that offer flawless coverage and flattering colors for all skin types. The products are strong enough to protect the skin from harsh UVA and UVB rays, yet they nourish the skin and are gentle enough to use immediately after cosmetic surgery.



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