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Even The Most Beautiful Women can have Dark Spots on The Skin or Brown Spots

There are many women who are considered to be extremely beautiful. Unfortunately, there are only very few whose skin is flawless as there can be dark spots or brown spots in even the most beautiful of women. This is why manufacturers of bleaching creams and lotions designed for lightening skin dark spots are continually developing new products with natural ingredients to lighten skin pigmentation and get rid of those brown spots.

Belides NP is a water soluble skin-lightening agent derived from the flowers of Bellis perennis, commonly known as daisies. It helps by lightening skin pigmentation caused by age and reduces the level of melanin production in the skin. Melanogenesis and its various pathways are influenced by Belides. It is listed in the International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients as Bellis Perennis Flower Extract. Belides NP decreases Endothelin-1 (ET-1) production as well as reduces the melanin biosynthesis stimulated by UV rays. Belides NP contains trace amounts of glycerin, ethanol, phenethyl alcohol and Melissa officinalis for stability reasons.

Hyperpigmentation occurs to many individuals after they reach middle age, showing up as dark spots on the surface of the skin. Various conditions can cause the development of dark spots including many forms of agents. Hyperpigmentation can happen after an inflammation has subsided, like infections caused by acne. Some of the reasons for dark spots can also be medications that sensitize the skin to exposure to the sun. Some medications can also be the cause of brown spots themselves even without the sun exposure factor. Some of these medications include estrogens, sulfonamides, amiodarone, phenothiazines, tetracyclines and phenytoin.

Specific forms of dark spots on the face like melasma, ephelides and solar lentigines-freckles and other damage to the skin can also be because of UV light exposure. Other diseases and conditions that can affect the pigmentation of the skin and be the cause of dark spots are pituitary tumors, pregnancy, hemachromatosis, liver disease and Addison’s disease. Darkened neck, arms, underarms, legs and butt and other brown spots on the skin are considered dirty looking, ugly and unwanted. It affects an individual’s self-esteem and can be the cause of embarrassment and withdrawal from an otherwise active social life.

Melanin is the brown pigment responsible for the color of the skin. When dark deposits are formed in the skin in patches, there is an overproduction of melanin and oftentimes little patches of skin become darker than the skin in the area.

Doctors can prescribe bleaching creams for non-elevated dark spots on the skin using one ounce of 4% hydroquinone cream, .05% tretinoin cream and a strong sunscreen. Hydroquinone bleaching creams and sunscreen can be bought without a prescription but tretinoin cream will require a prescription. An alternative is to use a combination hydroquinone, glyclolic acid and a sunscreen. This formulation can usually make brown spots fade by applying them two times a day for a few months.

In recent years, milder remedies for bleaching creams have been derived from natural ingredients including licorice extract, mulberry root, arbutin, soy and Vitamin C. They are all being used to remove dark spots. Ageless Derma offers several anti-aging products and formulations for lightening skin using natural ingredients to safely help skin get lighter, firmer and younger.


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