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Auriderm Clearing Gel 1oz
  • Auriderm Clearing Gel 1oz
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Auriderm Clearing Gel

Auriderm has put together this ultra-hydrating Clearing Gel, designed for use on spider veins. It contains Vitamin K Oxide, which helps aid the body in its natural healing process. This formula is safe for use on skin conditions such as rosacea, and can be used with a combination of skin care treatments.


Spider veins are a common skin problem. They can be small or big thread like veins which are most often seen on the surface of the skin. They are caused by a blood leak and pool under the skin, usually from a tiny pinhole tear in the capillary just beneath the skin. They are sometimes purple, red, or bluish, and get their name from their spoke shape, resembling a spider web. Using Auriderm Clearing Gel will help with itch relief, and help eliminate spider veins.  

How to use:

Apply a small amount of gel onto the affected area after cleansing once or twice a day.