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Exfoliating cream

A daily beauty regimen usually consists of cleanser, moisturizer, and makeup. However, most people do not realize that exfoliating cream are necessary to clear away dead skin cells. If these cells are not removed from the outer layer of skin, then the sebaceous glands will respond by over-producing oil. This excess oil will leave a greasy shine on skin and can, many times, lead to severe breakouts. Also, mature skin is typified by a thickening of the outer layer and, in order to uncover fresher, younger looking skin, exfoliants need to be used. It's not easy to determine which exfoliants are the best, but DrSkinSpa offers several lines of products that are proven effective when it comes to anti-aging skin care.

The Revision Skincare line of exfoliating cream as well as this line's other products, is just one of the many skin care lines offered by DrSkinSpa that have been providing consumers with healthier skin for over twenty-two years. By using advanced skincare technology, the developers at Revision Skincare have been able to create awe-inspiring results with their Seven Keys to Unlock Healthy Skin. Of course, one of the keys is to resurface the skin. Resurfacing, of course, requires the use of one of their proven exfoliating cream. Read more about exfoliants or browse and buy from our exfoliant line below.


Here’s an easy five-step procedure of exfoliating your skin: